It's all in the details

Often we are asked how we see through it all. By that, I am sure people are referring to how we look at an old run down house and see it as a final, gleamingly new yet comfortably vintage home. Well, it's not really about the overall picture. It is not about the roof or the expansion, or the floor plan. It's all in the details. Lighting, knobs, pulls, colors and moulding all have their place in a home, but are often after thoughts when renovators get  their hands on that next project. They put so much into demo, floor plans and the remodel they get really close to the end and then just slap some stuff in. We just can't do that. We work tirelessly (well, very tired at times) to actually choose items that will make the home even more special than it would be with basic or off the shelf stuff. Following are some examples of those details. Enjoy! ~ Carl


The gas lantern would have been the only source of light in the early 1900s when this home was built. Thus, it had to go back on the home. Just one of many details Balustrade Properties uses to enhance a front porch. 

The sash color  (and door) on this home really added that extra punch the home needed. It's little details like color pops that give a home that stand out quality no matter how simple or unadorned it may be otherwise.